The Bulgarian tax regime is one of the most favorable in the European Union. Thanks to the tax reform of 2007, a corporate tax of 10% has been set in the country. The change is aimed at promoting the growth of entrepreneurship and ensuring an operational and transparent tax system in line with European legislation.

Tax advantages in Bulgaria:

Corporate tax 10%
Personal income tax 10%
The VAT rate in Bulgaria is 20%; 9% for tourist services
5% tax on dividends and liquidation shares
Fee on entertainment expenses – 10%.
Social expenses tax – 10%.

Labor costs in Bulgaria are among the lowest in Europe. Prices for industrial consumers are much lower than the European average. For example, according to Eurostat data, the value of 1 MW / h. is 40 €. The prices of agricultural, industrial and real estate are much more affordable. In Bulgaria there is a lasting trend in the construction of new industrial and office real estate.

Bulgaria ranks 4th in Internet signal quality in the European Union. Almost all public places, administrative offices, parks and institutions have one of the best and fastest coverage in Europe.

Bulgaria’s gross domestic product (GDP) ranks 4th in terms of growth in the European Union – 3.1%. The country has a stable banking system.

Highly skilled labor. Working population. Multilingual staff. 98% of high school students study a foreign language (usually English) and 73% – a second language (Italian, German, Spanish, etc.). Average salary 640.64 €.

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